Tumi Kon Kanoner Phul (You Are A Flower-Of Which Garden)

Tagore (1861-1941)



Rabindra-Sangeet (Tagore Song):Tumi Kon Kanoner Phul (You Are A Flower Of Which Garden)

Composed: 1293 (1886)

Category: Prem (Love)


Bengali Lyrics:


তুমি   কোন্ কাননের ফুল,   কোন্ গগনের তারা।

তোমায় কোথায় দেখেছি   যেন   কোন্ স্বপনের পারা ॥

কবে তুমি গেয়েছিলে,   আঁখির পানে চেয়েছিলে

                        ভুলে গিয়েছি।

শুধু   মনের মধ্যে জেগে আছে   ওই নয়নের তারা ॥

তুমি   কথা কোয়ো না,   তুমি   চেয়ে চলে যাও।

এই   চাঁদের আলোতে   তুমি   হেসে গ’লে যাও।

       আমি  ঘুমের ঘোরে চাঁদের পানে   চেয়ে থাকি মধুর প্রাণে,

            তোমার   আঁখির মতন দুটি তারা   ঢালুক কিরণধারা ॥


The Song in English Script:


Tumi Kon Kanoner phul Kon Gogoner Tara

Tomai kothai dekhechhi jano kon swaponer para

Kobe tumi geyachhile aankhir pane cheyachhile

Bhule giyachhi

Shudhu moner maddhye jege achhe oi nayoner tara

Tumi katha koyo na, tumi cheye chole jao

Ei chander alote tumi heshe gole jao

Ami ghumer ghore chander pane cheye thaki madhur prane

Tomar aankhir maton duti tara dhaluk kiran dhara


The Song in English Translation:


You are a Flower—of which garden      a star— of which sky? 

Have I ever seen you before         beyond some distant dream it seems.

When was it you sang to me,           looked into my eyes,   

            The moments so to speak have drifted by.

All that’s awake in the mind’s eye    is that eye within your eye.

Pray, do not speak          leave with only a glance

        Melt into the moonlight with the beam of a smile.

With a sweetened heart    I gaze at the moon in a trance

Let the two stars like your eyes pour out their stream of light     


Translated by Sumana Roy


The Song is Here sung by Jayati Chakraborty



6 comments on “Tumi Kon Kanoner Phul (You Are A Flower-Of Which Garden)

  1. This is incredibly lovely….dreamy…..the ecstasy of that wordless glance, then the drifting off leaving behind a sweetened heart. (That is fantastic!) Your closing line leaves the reader bathed in light. Beautiful work, Sumana. One of my favourites of this series.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel there’s much spirituality within that I can not asborb it all in one read, but is that not what poetry at its best is about. If we look to our third eye centre, here, is where one can find a little peace. Beautiful poetry, keep up your hard work. Peace and light

    Liked by 1 person

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