Phule Phule (A shimmying zephyr)


A Scene from Kal Mrigaya (The Fatal Hunt) Courtesy: Google Image



Rabindra-Sangeet (Tagore Song): Phule Phule (A Shimmying Zephyr)

Composed: 1289 (1889)

Category: Nritya-Natya: Kal-Mrigaya (Dance-Drama: The Fatal Hunt)


The Bengali Lyrics:


ফুলে ফুলে ঢ’লে ঢ’লে বহে কিবা মৃদু বায়,

তটিনী হিল্লোল তুলে কল্লোলে চলিয়া যায়

পিক কিবা কুঞ্জে কুঞ্জে কুহু কুহু কুহু গায়,

কি জানি কিসের লাগি প্রাণ করে হায় হায় !


The Song in English Script:


Phule phule dhole dhole bohe kiba mridu baye

Totini hillol tule kallole choliya jaye

Pik kiba kunje kunje kuhu kuhu kuhu gaaye

Ki jaani jiseri laagi praan korey haaye haaye


The Song in English Translation:


A shimmying zephyr sweeps over the blooms that sway,

The stream in delight, raising waves, singing gaily, flows by

From the bowers piping cuckoos burst forth in Kuhu* lay,

I don’t know why this heart of mine heaves such heavy sigh!



*a Bengali onomatopoeic  word for a cuckoo’s song



Translated by Sumana Roy


The Song is Here sung by Kanika Banerjee


Tagore modified and used the tune of a Scottish song (“Ye banks and braes” by Robert Burns written in 1792, TUNE: The Caledonian Hunt’s Delight) in “Phule Phule”. The original Scottish song is Here sung by Holly Tomas.


Dance Recital by a little girl is Here


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