Hridoyonondono Bone (Into The Eden Of This Heart)

Tagore (1861-1941)



Rabindra-Sangeet (Tagore Song): Hridoyonondono Bone (Into the Eden Of This Heart)

Composed: 1300 (1894)

Category: Puja (Worship-Devotional Song)


Bengali Lyrics:


হৃদয়নন্দনবনে নিভৃত এ নিকেতনে।

এসো হে আনন্দময়, এসো চিরসুন্দর ॥

দেখাও তব প্রেমমুখ, পাসরি সর্ব দুখ,

বিরহকাতর তপ্ত চিত্ত-মাঝে বিহরো ॥

          শুভদিন শুভরজনী আনো এ জীবনে,

ব্যর্থ এ নরজনম সফল করো প্রিয়তম।

মধুর চিরসঙ্গীতে ধ্বনিত করো অন্তর,

ঝরিবে জীবনে মনে দিবানিশা সুধানিঝর ॥


The Song in English Script:


Hridaynandanbone nribhrito e niketane

  Esho he anandamoy, esho chiroshundar

   Dekhao tobo prem mukh, pashori sarba dukh,

Birahakator tapto chitto majhe bihoro

   Subhadin subharajani ano e jibone,

Bertho e narojanam shaphal koro priyatomo

  Madhur chirosangite dhanito koro ontor,

Jharibe jibane mone dibanisha shudhanijhar


The Song in English Translation:


Into the Eden of this heart, into this solitary retreat,

O the ever Blissful, eternal Beauty, take Thine seat,

Reveal Your loving face, let me forget my misery,

Be in this singed heart pining from parting.

Bring unto this life blessed night and day,

to make this futile human birth undefeated.

Play your sweetest eternal melody in my core,

to sprinkle nectar-cascades on my life for evermore.


Translated by Sumana Roy


The Song is Here sung by Kanika Banerjee




4 comments on “Hridoyonondono Bone (Into The Eden Of This Heart)

  1. Thank you for your excellent, lyrical translations. Very close to the original. You are able to maintain the tension between fidelity to the original and beauty of the translation finely balanced. Aapnake anek dhonnabad! – দূরদেশী রবীন্দ্রসংগীত নবিস 🙂


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