Nobo Anande Jago (Awaken With A New Joy)

A Tagore Painting


Content: (A-V)


Rabindra-Sangeet (Tagore Song): Nobo Anande Jago (Awaken With A New Joy)

Composed: 1296 (1890)

Category: Puja (Worship / Devotional)


Bengali Lyrics:


নব আনন্দে জাগো আজি নবরবিকিরণে

শুভ্র সুন্দর প্রীতি-উজ্জ্বল নির্মল জীবনে ॥

উৎসারিত নব জীবননির্ঝর উচ্ছ্বাসিত আশাগীতি,

অমৃতপুষ্পগন্ধ বহে আজি এই শান্তিপবনে ॥


The Song in English Script:


Nabo anonde jaago aaji nabarabikirane

Shubhra sundar preeti ujjyal nirmal jeebane. 

Utsarito naba jeebananirjharo uchhasito aashageeti,

Amritapushpagandha bahe aaji ei shantipabane.


The Song in English Translation:


Awaken with a new joy to a new radiant sun

to a life bright and beautiful, lit with love.

Gushes forth this fresh spring of life, jubilant with songs of hope,

Today fragrance of heavenly blooms drifts in this zephyr of peace.




Translated by Sumana Roy



The Song is Here sung by Subinoy Roy


Thank You :)

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