Je Chhilo Amar Swaponocharini (Wanderer Of My Dreamscape)

Tagore (1861-1941)


Content: (A – V):


Rabindra Sangeet (Tagore Song): Je Chhilo Amar Swaponocharini (Wanderer Of My Dreamscape)

Composed: 22nd Agrahayan, 1345 (8th December, 1938)

Category: Prem (Love)



Bengali Lyrics:


যে ছিল আমার স্বপনচারিণী

                   তারে   বুঝিতে পারি নি।

                        দিন চলে গেছে খুঁজিতে খুঁজিতে॥

          শুভক্ষণে কাছে ডাকিলে,

              লজ্জা আমার ঢাকিলে গো,

                        তোমারে         সহজে পেরেছি বুঝিতে॥

কে মোরে ফিরাবে অনাদরে,

     কে মোরে ডাকিবে কাছে,

          কাহার প্রেমের বেদনায়       আমার মূল্য আছে,

              এ নিরন্তর সংশয়ে হায় পারি নে যুঝিতে–

                   আমি    তোমারেই শুধু পেরেছি বুঝিতে॥



The Song In English Script:


Je chhilo amar swaponocharini

                               Tarey bujhite parini.

                                    Din chole gachhe khunjite khunjite.

        Shubhokhone kachhe dakile,

               Lojja amar dhakile go,

                    Tomare               shohoje perechhi bujhite.

Ke morey firabe onadore,

       Ke morey dakibe kachhe,

                Kahar premer bedonay            amar mullo achhe,

                      E nirontor songshoye hai parine jujhite–

                                     Ami tomarei shudhu perechhi bujhite.



The Song In English Translation:


Wanderer of my dreamscape

         I could not unveil your mystery.

                 Days in pursuit of you had passed.

Then at one blessed moment you beckoned me near,

           You did shield dear, my frailty

                Now with ease I discern    you, my songs.

Who will spurn and turn me away—

     Who will draw me close—

            In whose sore heart             lies my worth—

               I can deal with such qualms no more—

                   All I know you are my life’s sole truth.


Translated by Sumana Roy



Another Wonderful Translation by poet Shankha Ghosh:


She was the wanderer of my dreams

I never could unveil her mystery

I have only tried in vain

And then song surged from within, awakening my soul

Shielding my frailty with its flair

I found myself in you, with ease

I know not who will reject my love

I know not who will call me as her own

I wonder whose aching heart will shelter my passion

I am weary, I am overwhelmed

Song that arise from my heart

Is the only infallible truth of my life




The Song is Here sung by Rezwana Choudhury Bonnya


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