Pushpobone Pushpo Naahi (Blooms Dwell Not in the Green)


Tagore Painting


Rabindra-Sangeet (Tagore Song): Pushpobone Pushpo Naahi (Blooms Dwell Not in the Green)

Composed: 14th Ashwin, 1302 (29thSept., 1895)

Category: Prem (Love)


Bengali Lyrics:


পুষ্পবনে পুষ্প নাহি, আছে অন্তরে ।
     পরানে বসন্ত এল কার মন্তরে ॥
মুঞ্জরিল শুষ্ক শাখী,    কুহরিল মৌন পাখি,
     বহিল আনন্দধারা মরুপ্রান্তরে ॥
দুখেরে করি না ডর,    বিরহে বেঁধেছি ঘর,
     মনোকুঞ্জে মধুকর তবু গুঞ্জরে ।
হৃদয়ে সুখের বাসা,    মরমে অমর আশা,
     চিরবন্দী ভালোবাসা প্রাণপিঞ্জরে ॥

 The Song in English Script:


Pushpobone pushpo naahi, achhe antore

Parane boshonto elo kar montare

Munjorilo  susko shakhi, kuharilo mauno pakhi

Bahilo anandadhara maruprantore

Dukhere kari na dar, birahe bendhechi ghar,

Manokunje madhukar tobu gunjare

Hridoye sukher basa, marame amar asha

Chirobondi bhalobasa pranpinjore


The Song in English Translation:


Blooms dwell not in the green, but within.

Into the heart I wonder, who beguiled spring.

Wilted stalks sprout and beam,   mute birds merrily sing,

In dry desert flows delight in stream.

I fear grief no more,    parting pain is my home,  

In mind’s arbor bees still buzz and roam.

Glee nestles within,    sends forth hopes undying,

Love in this life cage is forever confined.



Translated by Sumana Roy


The Song is Here Sung by Ashoktaru Bandopadhyay 


2 comments on “Pushpobone Pushpo Naahi (Blooms Dwell Not in the Green)

  1. So beautiful. I love “Into the heart, I wonder who beguiled spring.” And the mute birds merrily singing, bees buzzing in mind’s arbor. Sigh. I am so glad you are translating these gems, for our enrichment, Sumana. They sink so deeply into one’s consciousness, as we read. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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